Monday, April 20, 2015


"Ha ha," I said, blandly, when I got my next gift open. Though I knew it would appear callous to outright dismiss the sentiment, most of my guests were already sharing a legitimate chuckle at the contents of the oddly shaped package. There was certainly no love lost between my best friends and me. We were all those kind of guys, after all.

"Now, I don't want to walk in next Sunday for the game and have to pry you two love birds out of bed," Johnny joked, taking the gift from my hands and riding it around the room in a victory lap. This would've been strange if the present in question weren't one of those entertaining, yet completely morbid horse heads on a stick that you give to children who like to play cowboys in the backyard.

My birthday theme amongst my friends was now blatantly obvious as I peeked inside the next gift bag, which featured a feed store sized bottle of Mane and Tail shampoo. With a roll of my eyes and a low growl, I scooped up my beer and downed the last of it. What is wrong with the world where a guy can't attend his four year old niece's Pretty, Pretty Unicorn party and don a pink pony party hat that she insisted all of her guests wear without getting mad shit from his friends. I was a good fucking uncle, damn it!

I guarantee if Natalia had looked up at them with her crystal blue eyes and tiny pink cheeks the way she'd looked at me, they would all find themselves in this exact situation. I would do anything for that little girl, even though I knew this would be the aftermath. I couldn't resist a well placed, "please," followed by the cutest pout ever.

I should've known from the far too excited look on her mother's (AKA my older sister's) face that no good would come of my wearing of the head piece. That, coupled with the immediate flash and dash she'd made told me that I was going to apart of Facebook infamy.

"I could kill Rebecca," I grumbled under my breath while the guests at my own birthday gathering were still howling and patting themselves on the back for their hilarious beastiality themed presents. I tried to muster up a little more anger and indignation but couldn't without feeling like a hypocrite. If that picture had happened to any of my friends, I would've done the same.

Schooling my features into my most formidable gaze, I reached beside my chair to grab the instrument I'd placed there before any of my guests arrived. I should've known they'd overlook the most obvious and most hilarious gift you can get a guy who's been Pink Pony Shamed on Facebook.

"Enough!" I shouted, slapping the leather riding crop over the top of the table to get their attention, which was brief. Once they realized what I was holding, the laughter coming from our corner of the bar was deafening. "Silence!" I yelled again, trying hard to keep a straight face. "Now that we all see that I fucking win, I'm outta here, dickbags," I announced, calling our night to a close. "There's a filly at the bar that needs training," I joked, grabbing the tequila shot my roommate had place in front of me and held it out. The men around me mimicked my stance and waited for my parting words. "To women and horse. And to the men who love to ride them both," I said, then slammed my shot back like everyone else, with a laugh. The room still felt electric as I walked out of the bar, and I loved it.

Always leave them wanting more, before the night started to turn in the direction of desperate hook ups and vomiting. Five years earlier, I wouldn't have made the same decision. Hell, I hadn't made the same decision and my life would always be different as a result.

My name is Jayden Linstein, and I'm the reason my twin sister is dead.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long time, no update

Unfortunately, these last 3-4 months have been some of the toughest in my life.

I've mentioned before that I have Crohn's Disease, and this summer, it decided to remind me that it was still present and accounted for.

I went into the ER for major issues on May 27th and was admitted for a Crohn's related complication that nearly killed me. After having a tube place in my nose and starting antibiotics, I was given the all clear to go home on a modified diet and new meds in addition to the old ones. While I still had the pain from the issue, it wasn't nearly as bad as it was before I went into the hospital.

All of that changed on July 21st. I left work early and was up and in pain most of the night until I finally decided to make another trip to the ER, where I was, again, admitted for the same issue I'd had in May. X-rays and CT scans showed that I'd made no improvement since they released me and surgery was scheduled on my 33rd birthday.

After that surgery, I was left with a foot or so less small intestine, but went home after a 10 day hospital stay. I was hoping that I would serve out my recovery and all would be well again. Unfortunately, my Crohn's disease had other plans. Namely, a fistula that decided to make itself known about 10 days post-surgery, prompting yet another trip to the ER, where I was admitted once again. I had the fistula surgically repaired, but the surgeon wasn't able to find the beginning of it and called in another surgeon to consult.

That hospitalization lasted only 3 days (YAY!)- however, after a follow-up appointment with my surgeon the following Tuesday, I was readmitted to be evaluated for issues I was having keeping food down. After a scare with possible gastroparesis, an endoscopy and stomach emptying study showed that it was just acute gastritis and I was again released...

The nausea and grossness persisted though, and I was admitted a week later, again, for possible C-diff- and kept for 2 weeks, where the other surgeon reopened my fistula and still couldn't find the end of the tunnel, but cleaned out the infection that was in the wound again.

After this, I had one more hospitalization for pain and nausea issues... and this one revealed that my vitamin D levels were dangerously low...

I'm FINALLY back at work, and I'm hoping to get back to writing very, very soon.

I've missed all of you!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Catch and Release Update!

Part 1 of Catch and Release is finished and in edits. I am trying hard to work on the second part, because I plan to release the book all in one, instead of in parts.

Currently, I am stuck and am wondering if I need to release the first part separately... I don't want to, but motivation can be weird and I've noticed that hanging on to books can keep my mind on them and not what I need to be working on...

Don't forget to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads:

Anyway! I wanted to share an excerpt from chapter 1! This is unedited and unrevised.

“What are we working on?” Anton asked as he sat on the edge of his partner’s desk.

“We’re in a holding pattern,” Sophie frowned up at him from the file she was reading, her grey-green eyes narrowing when she took in the cup in his hand. “What the fuck?” she asked.

“What?” he asked, looking behind him and around the office. “What am I missing?”

“Every morning, I stop and get us coffee,” she started, throwing her chestnut ponytail over her shoulder. “The one morning I text you that I didn’t have time, you stop and get your own? You don’t think to return the favor?”

Sophie Briggs knew that she barely registered on her partner’s radar on a personal level, but there was such a thing as professional courtesy. They’d worked together for a year now; their first big case had been a success, even if it involved conquering his past. However, after taking down his mother, they hadn’t seen the same kind of multi-million dollar busts and had been relegated to small cases. She knew they were both dying to play in the big leagues again. With a not-so-anonymous tip and a well-placed resume, it looked as though they might get a new opportunity sooner rather than later.

“You doubt me?” he asked, his green eyes shining down at her as he pulled her favorite salted caramel mocha frap from where it sat on the desk just behind him.

“Awww, you do care,” she joked, smiling brightly at him and ruffling his haphazardly styled blonde hair as she took the drink from his hand. Pulling away, she watched his eyes flash as he took in her v neck t-shirt and jeans.

“Is it Casual Friday?” he asked, quirking a brow in her direction.

“Something like that,’” she said with a small amount of snark, taking a sip of her drink before sinking back into her chair.

“So I see,” he nodded, finally vacating his place on her desk in favor of his own. “How long until we find out?” he asked, looking at the clock against the back wall, reminding her what today was.

“Could be any time now,” she told him, her eyes flitting over the other agents present in the office that morning.

“If we get this, are you ready for everything that comes with it?” he asked, his face serious. “I mean, this cover flies in the face of women’s liberation and all of that. The way you are going to be strong armed in with me is going to send a very loud message about our supposed relationship,” he continued. “I’ve been known to become extremely possessive,” he warned, his eyes darkening with his words. “If I feel like your place by my side is being threatened, I will take action.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, her brow furrowed.

“It means that I will make it very clear that the rumors that we are going to walk into are true,” he said, point blank.

“What if someone thinks you are sexually harassing me?” she folded her arms over her chest, only half joking with her question.

“You’ll clarify that I’m not, and that any advance I make on you is more than welcome,” he informed her, mirroring her position. “Look,” he broke, relaxing his body for a beat, “it’s going to be a feat to pull this off, so we don’t want to look suspicious from the start or we’ll never get anywhere with this assignment.”

“Fine,” she said, glancing at the clock, desperate to change the subject. “Your mom’s hearing starts in thirty. Go,” she encouraged. “I’ll call you if anything changes.”

“Thanks, Soph,” he said, shooting her his most devastating smile. “You’re the best,” he finished, ruffling her hair as he grabbed his suit jacket from the back of his chair and headed toward the door.

As she watched him leave, she wondered if she’d be able to resist his fake advances without melting into a puddle at his feet. She’d been through so much in the last year with all the stuff that went down with her ex and her sister, but she was starting to get to the other side of her grief. Not to mention, she hadn’t gotten laid in nearly eight months, so she was pretty sure if Anton even brushed against her in the right way she might have an extremely embarrassing, extremely loud, and extremely public orgasm.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Seven Days is LIVE!

Seven Days Release Day Release Day Event

from goodreads

Book Title: Seven Days Author: Josie Leigh Genre: Dark New Adult Contemporary Romance Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


I don’t sleep until my body gives me no choice. I go until the last drop of energy is zapped from my bones and my muscles are too weak to keep my eyes from closing. Only then am I able to achieve true peace: A slumber without dreams, without memories of my real life nightmare. I thought I was escaping my past, finally running toward the future I deserved. Until I met Ryan. One week with him had me questioning everything I was sure I wanted out of my life. Being with him means I can’t leave my past behind. Being without him might just kill me anyway. One week destroyed everything. One week shattered my dreams One week I lived in the sun But the darkness never truly fades. This book is recommended for adult audiences due to depictions of sex, violence and drug use. Meet the Author brandon.2Josie Leigh is an independent author who focuses on writing Romance because she loves a story with a happy ending. Writing has been an escape for her from a very young age, and she cherishes the time she gets to spend with her characters. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition in 2008, she pursued a challenging career in the field of nutrition insecurity and anti-hunger advocacy. She is grateful to be able to feed hungry families on a daily basis and chase her literary dreams in her off time. excerpt

Meet me at the diner, 5:30am, Monday. Bring hiking boots and a change of clothes.

For what felt like the one millionth time over the last twenty-four hours, I looked down at the text I sent Ryan in the waning darkness early Sunday morning.

I’ll be there was the only reply I’d gotten.

“Staring at the phone won’t make time move faster,” Britton mumbled as we watched the sun peak over the mountain while we waited for my ride.

“You are going straight to Tildy’s, right? She gave you the key?” I double checked with her, finally relinquishing my death grip on our cell phone and handing it to her as she produced a house key from a chain around her neck. “And I saved Ryan’s number on the phone so if anything happens, you will call me. Understand?”

“Yes, mother,” Britton joked, sarcastically, forcing me to suppress the shudder that wanted to wrack through my body at the comparison. “Oh, shit, Carrie,” she whispered in a pained voice. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I waved her off as a large black Dodge Ram quad cab worked its way into the parking lot. Nerves I didn’t feel before started to collide in my stomach as I watched its approach. Was I ready for this? Could I handle it?

“No, it’s not, it’s just that you might only be gone a day, and you’re acting like I’ve never been alone before, and—”

“I get it, Brit,” I stopped her as the truck pulled into the empty spot beside us and Ryan jumped out, looking delicious in a pair of black cargo shorts and black fitted t-shirt. His brown hair looked like he’d just rolled out of bed. I bit my lip at the sudden urge I had to plunge my fingers into it and mess it up even more. Preferably, it would be while he had his tongue down my throat.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seven Days Cover Reveal

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe it's only 3 weeks until the release of Seven Days!!

I want to thank the blogs and groups that helped with the cover reveal yesterday: WiLoveBooks, Words Turn Me On, TomeTender and For the Love of Men and Books. If you helped and I didn't mention you- please let me know, because I probably missed it.

Here is the cover for everyone who hasn't already seen it. I'm so in love with it. Thank you to Angela RoseRed for her diligent work on the cover. She, not only, was the photographer, she's also responsible for the graphic work and layout of the cover. And thank you to Danielle Wingfield for her work as my cover model. She went above and beyond the call of duty to bring Carrie to life. Such a pro!


I don’t sleep until my body gives me no choice. I go until the last drop of energy is zapped from my bones and my muscles are too weak to keep my eyes from closing. Only then am I able to achieve true peace: A slumber without dreams, without memories of my real life nightmare. I thought I was escaping my past, finally running toward the future I deserved.

Until I met Ryan. One week with him had me questioning everything I was sure I wanted out of my life. Being with him means I can’t leave my past behind. Being without him might just kill me anyway.

One week destroyed everything.
One week shattered my dreams
One week I lived in the sun
But the darkness never truly fades.

This book is recommended for adult audiences due to depictions of sex, violence and drug use.

Find it on goodreads:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So many things, so little time!!

These last two months have been crazier than I've ever experienced!!

First- I have a pinterest page where I've been posting things that inspired some of the books you may have read from me:

 Second, last Monday, I typed the last words of the first draft of Seven Days, a manuscript I finished in just under six weeks. It's with my beta readers and author friends right now. Awaiting feedback is one of the toughest things I ever do, because I'm a really impatient person. I'm excited/nervous for their feedback as I'm so damn proud of this book, I can't even find the words!

Also, I brought someone on board to help me with marketing and trying to take this writing endeavor further in the next year. It has been an amazing experience thus far. When you are trying to find your way in the sea of indie publishing, it's nice to finally have someone who is looking out for you in a way that's not the same as another author or someone in your family, etc. He's encouraged me to try a few new things in the last two months. As a result:

I have my first cover shoot scheduled for this weekend! I've relied on stock photos since I started releasing my books, but for Seven Days- I will have an original cover that will only ever be on MY book. It feels pretty amazing to be able to say that. I should have a cover reveal for Seven Days in the next two weeks. So stay tuned for that...

LASTLY!!! In Professor Spin-off news!!! The book finally has a title: Catch and Release. I've finished the first part of the book and am still debating whether I'm going to release the series singularly like The Professor, then combine the books afterward- or if I'm going to wait and release it as one big volume. If anything, I won't release the first part until after I have the second part written, so you won't have to wait long once I make a decision.

So be on the look out- big things are coming up in the next few months!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Seven Days

Okay, so I've gone back and forth about whether I was going to share more than the blurb for this book several times over the last couple of weeks. I'm almost to the half way point in writing it and I'm DYING to share some of it with you.

First, I need to address the elephant in the room: Anton's story. I am still working on it- I promise! However, as a writer, I'm discovering there are books that you WANT to write and books that you NEED to write. I WANT to write Anton's story, but I NEED to write Carrie's. Both will be finished this year, as well as Lucian's- however, Carrie's will be finished first. I hope you'll all understand and join me for this book that is quickly becoming my favorite.

As soon as I finish the first draft, it will be up and available for pre-order at Smashwords and their affiliates.

Please don't forget to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads: Seven Days

Here is the unedited prologue for the book. Please be aware that it is subject to change before it is published.

Ever do something that you know almost immediately it might just be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? That’s what happened the night I walked away from Ryan. I could feel those sad amber eyes following me as I rounded the corner of the restaurant.  Slumping against the unforgiving gray brick wall when I was sure he wasn’t going to follow me, I let the tears I’d been holding back cascade down my swollen face.
After allowing myself a few minutes to wallow in my misery, I pushed off the wall and started walking again. I knew I had to make it back home before they found out I was leaving. It was bad enough he knew where I’d been last week. I couldn’t leave my sister in that kind of danger, but I needed to get my emotions under control before I got behind the wheel of my car.
“Carrie,” I heard from the side of the building. His voice just on the edge of desperation, tinged with receding tears and emotion. “Look at you,” he sighed, as he reached my side and lifted a hesitant hand to my cheek. “You don’t want to do this. Don’t do this,” he pleaded, coaxing my eyes to his. “Don’t do this,” he repeated, moving his hand to stroke my loose auburn locks. I wanted to melt into him, let him fix everything, but I knew that was impossible.
“I wish it were my choice, Ryan,” I told him, letting him see just how much this decision was affecting me. “I’d do anything to fix it, but I have to get her out of here- get us out of here before something terrible happens,” I choked out before I broke his embrace and ran to my dilapidated early 90’s model Ford Escort. Fumbling with the keys, I threw my bag inside before sitting behind the steering wheel, trying to convince myself to not look back. Then I started the car that would take me away from him.
I never believed in soul mates, or in one person for the rest of your life, but Ryan is someone I could see waking up to every morning. Forever and beyond. I couldn’t stay here anymore though. I had made a promise to myself and my little sister, Britton, and I planned to keep it, even if it meant leaving behind the only man I’d ever love.